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Trials on T.V

We have to admit that we were ever so slightly sceptic when we heard that channel 5 were planning a bike trials game show, but it's true. the channel 5 guys came over for a chat and explained the format and it sounds like a winner to us. they're planning two shows based around bike trials and have put together a pretty stunning course. bacically the course is split into three sections, each harder than the last whoever gets the furthest, wins. simple as that. the course even has handy foot-thick foam and crash mats just incase it all goes a bit wrong. which is nice.

Of course, you can't have a game shoe without contestants, which is were you lot come in. If your of a reasonable standard in trials(let's say, ooh, three foot step up's and back-wheel drop off's and three-four foot gap jumps.) Then e-mail us with your postal adress and a breif discription of your talents and channel 5 will be in touch.

filming will take place at Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire on the 17, 18 and 19 of march. Time is pretty short for applications so get your details to us now.



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